chaosmaster0205: I used to play as young link a lot before I discovered competitive smash. He was fast and a decent jumper (which is pretty much all I look for in a smash character). Now I use either Sheik or Falco. I love the combos they can do. I can't pull off anything super crazy but I think I'm pretty decent with them. I just like any character that's fast and packs a good punch.

YL players have a lot of heart, i’ll give them that, but he’s just so hard to play. Ahhh Sheik is so good, since I recently started playing netplay I’ve been facing a lot of Sheiks and I thought I actually knew the matchup pretty well but they’ve really shown me how much I need to work. Lol fast characters that pack a punch, sounds like anyone except Peach & Jiggs to me lol jk they can be really aggro too :D

draconiskittensweetie: I. Love. Marth. I kick butt with him. From Brawl, I mean. He's small and light and nimble but does a nice amount of damage, and his fighting style matches up with mine so we just kill it out there. He's great in his own Fire Emblem games too, and he's really pretty too but I swear that's not my main reason. Ike was a close second.

Heck yeah dude Marth is freaking amazing! I love him in Melee and I think his character model in Brawl is so cool. He moves so smooth and your definitely right about he damage! I think the sound of his tipper is a close second to Falcon’s Knee lol 

But I love Fox and Falcon so much :D

Tumblr Smash Community?


Hello everyone! I want to get to know the Tumblr gaming/Smash community a little. So, regardless of how you find this post, I want you to tell me your favorite character, on which Smash Bros game, and why he/she/it is your favorite!

I love Snake on both Brawl and Project M because it was just so funny to see him throwing explosives at the cute characters such as Dedede and etc. For Melee my favorite is Sheik because of my love of the Zelda series and how responsive Sheik feels!

He finally installed a face cam and was pretty nervous to stream tonight but he’s been having a good night, so support the homie! Just talk in the chat and chill haha

Yo i’ll be doing Melee netplay till ~ 8:30

Message me if you want to play! I’m East Coast NC but if you live kinda far i’m still willing to give it a shot!